Campus Brief: Zimman hosts press conference in Union Thursday

Congressional candidate Angela Zimmann spoke about student debt at a campaign press conference Wednesday in the Union.

Zimmann, a GSW professor at the University, is the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio’s fifth district. In her speech to students and community members, Zimmann focused on high student loan debt.

Low minimum wage and rising costs of higher education cause students to take out heavy loans, she said.

“This in turn creates a system of indentured servitude as young people seek to make a life after graduation.”

Zimmann also commented on Republican incumbent, Bob Latta, who she will face in the general election come November.

“He’s out of touch, out of reach, and out to lunch with the big banks who stand to make a bigger profit off the backs of college students,” she said of Latta in her speech.

His personal wealth makes it “impossible” for him to relate to the average family, she said.

Also an impossibility, she said, is a student’s ability to graduate debt-free while working a part-time job.

“There literally aren’t enough hours in the day for a student to earn their way through college,” Zimmann said. “The creation of the world’s strongest public education system will herald a new era of innovation and job growth.”