‘The Buried Life’ cast brings positive message, outlook to students

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The audience that filled the Student Recreation Center screamed and clapped while chanting, “Buried Life! Buried Life!” as the cast of “The Buried Life” ran on stage.

The four men, Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, and Duncan and Jonnie Penn, were brought to the University by the University Activities Organization and Dance Marathon.

They wanted to invite the cast members to talk about their journey with their show.

The event was open to everyone, and attendees included University students, faculty, high schoolers and people in the community.

“We heard about the fundraiser and we thought it was an excellent idea and we like to dance,” Ben said.

Their lecture on how The Buried Life became a reality lasted about an hour and a half.

Jonnie said while he was in high school, he had to write a paper on a poem called “The Buried Life.”

The poem touched on topics such as the self, individuality, life and the soul.

“We were all going through different things at the same time,” Duncan said. “Ben was struggling with depression, Jonnie was kind of mad at our generation, Dave was overweight and also depressed and I just lost a friend that affected me very deeply. We got to talking and we all wanted to do something big.”

At this time, the members had a clarity and a strong feeling they could do anything and out of that came the beginning of their bucket list.

“We like to try and tell the behind the scenes story because a lot of people think that The Buried Life started off as a TV show and the actual fact is that it started a long time before the show,” Duncan said. “The show is just number 53 on the list and the list has always been about going after the things you truly want in your life.”

The cast showed some unedited clips that will air on its next season of the show.

One clip was Jonnie pranking his brother, Duncan, into thinking he got arrested before throwing a surprise birthday party for him. Another clip was the cast playing basketball on the White House courts with President Obama.

The entire cast continuously told the audience they can do anything they want.

During the last half of their presentation, the cast sent around microphones in the audience to hear what others want to do before they die.

The answers ranged from working with orphans in other countries to being a Disney princess.

Sophomore Sarah Martinelli had a sign made from SIC SIC asking Duncan for a kiss.

Once Duncan saw the sign, he agreed and pulled Martinelli on stage and kissed her.

“This is really happening,” she said.

The cast also let a student whose dream is to sing at the Madison Square Garden some day, sing for everyone.

The cast’s goal by the end of their lecture was to make everyone believe they can do anything they want, Duncan said.“Today is the youngest you’ll ever be,” Duncan said.

After the lecture, there was a meet-and-greet including autographs and photos with the cast.