Letter to the editor: Mitt Romney alienates potential female voters

I sometimes wonder if Mitt Romney and his team wake up in the morning thinking: “What can we do to distance ourselves from young, female voters today?”

This week, some very intriguing polling information came out. Romney is trailing an astounding 52-41 percent to President Obama among women in key battleground states, including Ohio.

It turns out, divisive positions on access to basic health care and other women’s issues aren’t earning Mitt Romney any favor with this critical voting bloc.

Women’s issues are especially vital on Ohio’s college campuses.

Young women are sure to become a political force when candidates threaten to limit access to basic health care, and turn the focus away from jobs and the economy to join the Republican War on Women.

In just the past few months, Mitt Romney has taken a number of stunning positions that would take access to women’s health back decades.

He has supported the Blunt-Rubio amendment, which takes personal decisions on contraception out of the hands of women and into the hands of their employers.

He has come in favor of a “Personhood” amendment, which would not only ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, but also make certain types of birth control illegal.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Romney said that he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood should he be elected President.

If Mitt Romney wants to limit our reproductive choices, women will certainly be choosing President Obama come November.

— Colleen Ryan

[email protected]