Student Government to purchase new, greener bicycle racks

Lisa Wendel Reporter and Lisa Wendel Reporter

Riding your bike to campus could soon be safer, easier and now environmentally friendlier.

Undergraduate Student Government is working with the Office of Campus Sustainability to purchase around 20 new bicycle racks.

David Neely, a USG Senator at Large, recently spoke with the Conklin North Hall Council and one of its concerns was that there are not bicycle racks everywhere on campus, such as Lot 12.

Neely and Campus Operations walked around campus together and recorded where bicycle racks are needed. Neely said installing more bicycle racks is important because “bicycle racks that are attached to light posts are an eyesore and also against campus policy.”

USG is currently requesting funding from the Green Fund, which is sponsored by the Office of Campus Sustainability.

Nicholas Hennessy, the Sustainability Coordinator, said the bicycle racks will be purchased from Max-R, a company that manufactures products for a sustainable purpose. The bicycle racks will be made of recycled plastic and replace some older ones on campus, as well as placed in new locations.

Hennessy said new bicycle racks could increase ridership.

“Buying more bicycle racks will make a positive impact on ridership and will not only encourage more people to ride bikes but also make it easier for those that already have bikes,” Hennessy said.

Not everyone agrees that an increase in bike racks will help ridership.

Jamie Meggas, a senior, thinks that a lack of bicycle racks is not a problem and that more money should be spent investing in the Orange Bike Program.

She also said that more students would ride bikes if they were available on campus free of charge.