More bang for your buck – Part 4: Dollar stores

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Even for a college student on a budget, it’s fairly easy to stumble across a single dollar, maybe even a few under couch cushions or in an old winter coat.

For many students, these few dollars make up a budget for hitting the local dollar stores in the city.

Dollar Tree has been at its location on Main Street since 2005. The store advertises its “Everything’s $1.00” slogan in light-up letters on the building.

Products ranging from frozen foods, batteries, kitchen gadgets and party supplies are all offered with a one-dollar price tag.

“We definitely see an increase in sales when the students are in town, and we can tell the difference when they leave for breaks,” said a store manager, who wished to remain anonymous.

The low price tag of the entire store’s inventory appeals to students trying to save their dollars and more of them are discovering the money saver.

“I get all my school supplies every semester here,” said junior Angela Taylor. “I end up saving at least 15 or 20 dollars. As a middle childhood education major, a lot of times I need things for the classroom and they have everything from maps to a ‘learn the branches of government’ poster I bought.”

The store offers many of the same things as other larger department stores, including their most popular student purchases, which are food and cleaning supplies, the manager said.

“On the occasions my roommates and I decide to do a big house cleaning, Dollar Tree is where we head,” Taylor said. “We end up getting glass and surface cleaner, mops, sponges and buckets all for under $10.”

While Dollar Tree is known for its “Everything’s $1.00” appeal, another local store, Dollar General at the other end of Main Street, offers low prices too.

Dollar General’s price range is broader, going both under and over a dollar. Dollar General has a stock of popular brand-name items including Pop-Tarts, Pedigree dog food and even COVERGIRL makeup at discounted prices.

“I never realized Dollar General had all the things I usually buy at a pricey grocery store until I went in there one day,” said junior Chelsea Bixel. “I stop in there a lot for things like DiGiorno pizzas or flour and sugar to save a few bucks.”

Both stores offer several items that are the same as grocery stores’ items and a wide range of other common items.

Dollar Tree, located at 1040 N Main St., is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dollar General is at 1125 S Main St. and open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

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