Student organization invites students to learn and discuss history

When Ariel Jones got involved in the History Society her sophomore year, she said it changed her life and gave her greater responsibility. As a senior she is now the vice president of the society and is glad she gets to put things into motion. Jones said she is passionate about the organization and wants to see it thrive.

Jones wasn’t always into history. She was originally a journalism major. However, when she learned about the 1960s in a history class, it drew her into the subject and she became a history major. Jones said she is glad she gets to put her interests into practice through the History Society.

The History Society was formed this past spring by a group of students and any students with a passion for history are welcome.

“The organization is open to anyone who is interested in discussing historical topics, professional development and meeting peers,” said junior Tabitha Timbrook, the society’s treasurer.

The History Society was formed by students who wanted to create an independent history organization. It was originally part of the History Department, but the students decided to break away so they could have it under their control, rather than under school faculty, said senior Chelsea Burden, the society’s president.

“The organization is not stuffy the way someone could assume that it is, and I feel that this is largely due to the fact that it is student run,” Jones said.

The History Society has activities other than discussing history, inlcuding organizing and going on trips. This past fall the society took a trip to Washington D.C. Through fundraising the society was able to make the trip more affordable for students. They plan to have another trip this fall, but aren’t sure where it’s taking place.

The society is also planning on bringing in speakers. They are hoping to get a Holocaust survivor to speak on campus.

“As of right now we are not 100 percent sure of who that will be or when it will be,” Burden said.

The History Society welcomes students of all majors. The leaders of the organization said they like to focus on making the society enjoyable.

“Our main goal is to have fun when it comes to learning about history,” Burden said.

For anyone interested in becoming involved, the next meeting is Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. in Olscamp 206. This meeting will have a Valentine’s Day theme with games and trivia facts.

They have meetings once a month on Thursdays in Olscamp. The organization posts meeting reminders in the campus updates on Blackboard. Anyone is welcome to come.