NAACP hosts informational session on candidates


Students listen as Colleen Ryan, a Junior and Political Science Major, discusses her stance on the upcoming election.

The NAACP hosted an informational session Monday night in the Business Administration building about the candidates on the ballot for the upcoming election.

The session, called Vote Smart, was supposed to feature both the College Democrats and College Republicans, but the College Republicans were unable to attend.

The main speaker was Colleen Ryan, President of the College Democrats.

“I think it’s really important that students get educated on how they’re voting,” she said.

Ryan spoke about the importance of re-electing not only President Obama, but also Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

As an Ohio senator, Brown can support Obama for Ohio’s interests, Ryan said.

Ryan spoke about healthcare, equal pay for women, the economy and education and how Obama’s policies on these issues are preferable to those of Romney.

“Obviously Obama and Romney have some stark differences,” she said. “When you look at the facts, you understand who is fighting for our nation”.

Ryan said that it is also important to get others out to vote as well in the last days before the election.

“It’s really important to vote, but it’s also important to maximize your vote,” Ryan said. “We need to make those days count.”

The College Democrats were able to register 5,000 voters for this election, Ryan said.

Junior Erika Sims, the vice president for the NAACP, said they wanted to host this event so students could be educated about the issues on the ballot.

Sims said the NAACP will also host The Great Debate this Thursday in the Business Administration building at 7 p.m.

This debate between the College Democrats and the College Republicans will feature three debaters from each side and will cover the topics of education, the economy and healthcare.