US, Israeli relations are important, relevent today

One thing I did not know before I attended retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger’s presentation was how closely bonded America is to Israel.

That was one thing that never crossed my mind until this past Thursday night when the Ambassador explained the relations (and why they’re important) between the two countries.

But what I did know about Israel is the conflicts between Israel and Pakistan since the creation of both countries in 1948.

In the short time period between now and 1948, wars have been fought, territories have been taken and the climate between the two countries is not a safe one, both waiting for a reason to attack each other.

What about the U.S. and Israel and the relations between the two? How are those two countries tied together?

The ties between Israel and the US have been strong since the birth of Israel in 1948 and have remained strong in the military, economic, technologic and interest fields, showing how the relations between the two countries are closely intertwined. But that was not how Ambassador Ettinger started off his presentation.

After being introduced, Ambassador Ettinger began explaining the most significant tie between the US and Israel by using a quote from Senator Tom Harkin about leaders in the Bible and how simple relations tied Americans to Israelis, along with the presence of biblical leaders throughout America’s capitol.

Ambassador Ettinger also spoke about the points of tension throughout the world and how that does not apply to the relationship between the two countries that started with the Zionist movement in the early 20th century (Zionism being a form of nationalism of the Jewish culture that supports a nation state of Jewish origin in Israel).

By being mutually interested in the same ventures, American companies, such as Intel and Microsoft, have established research centers in Israel.

Along with the technology that is now in Israel, American military airplanes are being made by Israelis while Americans test the planes, along with other military weaponry.

Along with technology development in different ways, Israel and the US support each other by being close allies in the Middle East. When it’s impossible for the US to interact with conflicts in the Middle East, Israel does the work themselves with the support of the US behind them. Israel helps the US out by giving them intelligence information.

When the Arab Spring happened, the US found their strategic hand growing shorter and shorter while the powers in China and Russia grew in the Middle East.

No longer can the US rely on Egypt as an ally with the growing anti-Americanism throughout the Middle East that could prevent the strategic hand becoming even shorter.

The only country that is willing to work with the US now is Israel, and their bond isn’t just support when it comes to defense and war, but also non-military issues, such as economics and technology.

In a time of great need, the US knows that at least one country has its back, especially in a hot zone like the Middle East.

Not once before had I considered a possible ally to the US in the Middle East after watching the first round of the Arab Spring, and then the newest round of protests, terrorist attacks and the growing anti-Americanism that is happening.

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