Where to eat takeout when you really just need takeout

Bea Fields and Bea Fields

Objects strewn about the living room? Check. Dishes piled up as high as a seven story building? Check! Dreams and hobbies almost as out of reach as me and my own conscious self? Huh. Would you look at that? I think I am depressed! Ever since I graduated in December, I’ve been feeling off. Don’t worry! I am seeing a counselor and am taking something for these feels. Hobbies are the main thing that keeps me going and I don’t know what better way to pass the time till my meds kick in than writing a column about some helpful tips on the major depressive episode some of you will experience post-graduation.

If your depressive happenings are anything like mine, food and the concept of eating is a major hurdle. You usually start it all off by telling yourself ‘You don’t have to be happy but you might as well eat.’ and repeat the unsettling mantra until you throw your hands up in the air and think, ‘Oh alright! I’ll eat’. Once you’ve graduated and are out on the LAMB (Legal, Adult, Maybe? Barely.) the convenient campus food is out of the question– you’ll have to take the hunt somewhere else. Technology has made this easy and lucky for you: the hunt is on speed dial.


  1. Order from any sandwich shop that delivers.

It’s quick and the little bit of lettuce makes it easy for me to pretend that I’m eating a salad. Sandwiches or ‘sammies’ are fun. Objectively. Even if my aim wasn’t to eat but admire, I’d get a kick out of this global delicacy. Two pieces of bread and a lil’ “something something” in between– Yeehaw, that’s comedy! Sandwiches might not cure my depression but I feel like every sandwich I have encountered in my 22 years is rooting for me somewhere between those sweet, sweet buns. Yum!

  1. Order pick up from a Mexican restaurant

Pick-up is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to cry in public. When you arrive at the place, just take a deep breath, go in and get the hell out! That’s it. No sitting necessary. Which is good for me because I like to watch funny videos to get me motivated for the day and if I had to sit next to Rebecca and her twelve other loud friends I’d- well, cry, probably. So take out is great to get out of the house for a bit and even better for the sweet release of anxiety when you get back inside.

  1. Chinese food is, without a doubt, the world’s greatest pick me up.

I don’t care if you get the steamed broccoli combo, or if you are a general Tso’s thottie. Til’. You. Die. When you need it and CRAVE it, chinese food SLAPS. Plus! There’s so much of it, you can make, at least, three meals from it. Boom. I live for the stuff and– bonus, there may be a fortune cookie within the back that just might pick my sad as up for a bit. In fact I wrote this chomping on some steamed dumplings! I might be sad but I’m still an honest woman. Hey, would you look at that, there is something I like about myself after all. Cheers.

(This isn’t meant to be tips for curing depression. Please see a doctor or a counselor immediately if you’re in need of emotional support.)