Hockey team looks to build off last season’s successes

Ashley Kimmel and Ashley Kimmel

Ready for another shot at a championship title, BGSU hockey is gearing up for an eventful season.

Expectations are set. There’s a sense of unfinished business in the locker room. And everyone is aware of the opportunities ahead. As the season approaches, all eyes are on the prize.

The previous season concluded with not only the loss of some talented players, but also the team’s head coach. Regardless, newly appointed head coach Ty Eigner is ready to make his mark.

“I think I’m most excited to continue moving the program forward with the people (involved),” Eigner said. 

And the chapter on the past season has been closed. In its place, the ‘19-’20 season is a welcome challenge.

“It’s hard to compare such an insanely awesome year that we had last year,” Connor Ford, a newly appointed assistant captain, said. “As much as you want to set that bar, and that’s the bare minimum, at the end of the day you have to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time, and just be the best version of yourselves.” 

Despite the humble attitude the team possesses, it’s clear the bar has already been set high. 

“I did not get a sense from any of (the players) that they are satisfied with how the year ended … even though by all accounts we had a really good year,” Eigner said.

And the loss of their graduated players has only pushed the team to up their intensity.

“I know with my class there’s a lot of pressure … to really step up. That’s basically the main thing,” starting goaltender Eric Dop said. 

But the awareness is there: they know they have the talent to replace what they lost. Specifically, when it comes to producing on the ice, this year’s offense wants to prove themselves to be even better than last year’s. 

“There were times last year when we struggled to score goals, and I think this team has shown the ability to make high level offensive plays that in the past we’ve struggled to make,” Ford said. 

And in taking that next step, they’re putting themselves in a better position to continue producing.

To the players, nobody else’s expectations matter; they are their own harshest critics. And they’re ready to take it to the next level. They know they can do it again. So, when the season starts, they’ll be ready to bring the heat.