Waterparks drop new high energy song Numb

Alicia Kobasic and Alicia Kobasic

Here is your warning, this article may contain some fangirling. I am a huge Waterparks fan and tend to freak out over anything they release. 

Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about this new release. “Numb” is Waterpark’s latest release from their upcoming album, “Greatest Hits”. That album is set to release on May 21. This release follows their last single, “Snow Globe”.  Check out my thoughts on that track here. 

Waterparks are band that I am not going to try and categorize into a genre. The band consist of Awsten Knight on vocals and guitar, Geoff Wigington on guitars and Otto Wood on drums. 

This song is different from “Snow Globe” in several ways. Which is exactly what I would expect, in a good way from this band. They are not a band to stick to one single sound. They change up the sound and style not only from album to album, but from song to song. However, when you listen, you still know it is Waterparks. 

This song is high energy from the start. If you need a track to get you going, this is it. Everything from the drums, to the guitars, to the vocals, to the overall production of the song, will grab your attention from the first note. This song is shorter but delivers from start to finish. 

The drumbeat is what caught my attention at first. When the song started, I just started taping along. It keeps the song moving, allowing to keep the listener interested and keeping up the high energy of the song. 

The guitar also deserves a shoutout. The guitar lines always grab my attention. They mesh into this song so well, and just add another level of amazing to this track. They stand out, especially during the verses on this track. They sound so cool and not something you typically here. 

The end of this song may just be my favorite part of the song. Following the last chorus, there is just a big mix of everything. Some cool vocal affects, drums, electronic sounds, everything. It catches you off guard at first, but if you are like me, you keep replaying it over and over again. 

Waterparks once again delivers a chorus that will be stuck in my head while I am week for the next week. Awsten Knight’s vocals once again bring the emotion filled lyrics to life throughout the song. This especially seen on chorus when the vocals are a bit harder. 

It is definitely going to be a bit before I learn all the lyrics, especially in the verses. Knight has some fast-paced rap parts that I am going to need to study before I can sing along. But I will get there. 

So, I hope I convinced you to give this song and Waterparks a listen if you have not already. You can listen to the song on Spotify here.