COIN announce new EP Sagittarius Superstar

Cassie Waltmire and Cassie Waltmire

Rock band, COIN had a busy 2020. They dropped their third studio album, “Dreamland”, in February and then announced on Oct.1, their new set of releases titled Rainbow Mixtapes. The Rainbow Mixtapes are a collection of EPs designed to present music that represents each color. The first was “Indigo Violet, an EP with four songs released on Oct. 22. The band dropped three music videos for “Indigo Violet and wrapped it up with a virtual concert in November. 

On Tuesday Feb. 9, COIN announced the first single of the second EP, “Sagittarius Superstar (feat. Faye Webster)” would come out Thursday, Feb.11. The tweet included a video of front man, Chase Lawrence, dancing in a room with green lights. The single kicks off the start of the “Green Blue” EP.

The music video for “Sagittarius Superstar” dropped Thursday, Feb. 25, along with the official announcement of “Green Blue” coming on March 12. The music video shows COIN running around the Bell Mill Mansion with different green and blue lights. The location is incredibly beautiful, and the band does a great job of showing off different parts of the mansion. Faye Webster joins the band about halfway through the video for her own solo run through the house. The mix of visuals and light tricks makes the video feel playful and adds to the retro vibes of the song. 

We’re excited to see what songs are on “Green Blue and are waiting for more music videos to drop along with the EP.

Check out the music video on YouTube. And watch for their EP, “Green Blue” out March 12.