Parking services suspend regular enforcement, refund decision pending


Parking 3/22

BGSU Parking Services will not be enforcing regular parking regulations during the remainder of the semester. As the university moves to online learning for the rest of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students have voiced concerns about what the enforcement policy will be.

“As long as you are within the two white lines and are not parked somewhere like a fire line or a handicapped space, or anywhere you aren’t normally supposed to, you’re going to be OK,” Tom Kelly manager of parking and shuttle services said.

Students are also concerned about the possibility of a refund if their previously purchased parking permits are no longer necessary.

“Bowling Green should refund people for everything that will no longer be available to us. Parking passes, housing and meal plans,” Joe Fargo said via Twitter.

There is no official statement from parking services concerning the decision to give refunds.

“The possibility of giving students credit is something we are still considering. We are learning hour by hour minute by minute about the situation. So if there is a decision about giving refunds or credit then it will be made sometime later in the semester,” Kelly said.

University shuttle services are also shut down for the foreseeable future.