Best summer travel destinations to start planning

Hocking Hills, Ohio

This is a wonderful place to go if you need a break from the world, but do not have a lot of cash on hand. The drive into the city is amazing, and any hotel or cabin you rent will be beautiful and surrounded by trails to walk on for days. With a short drive, you can reach the main focal points of Hocking Hills, such as Old Man’s Cave and Conkles Hallow, which are great spots to start with. We enjoy going off trail anywhere we go, and this is the best place to do so, but BE CAREFUL. Any step could be a drop into a crack, cave or sink hole, and you do NOT want to fall.

From this area: $40 in gas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is a beautiful place to go as well. You are right next to Colorado City, which is laced with awesome places to visit, and you are a short drive from mountains and scenery. The thing about Colorado, is that no matter where you go, there is scenery. Especially for someone who grew up on flat Ohio land and only visited Hocking Hills. Enjoy the quiet serenity while enjoying beautiful hikes through the high energy mountains.

Round-Trip flight: $445


Florida is the first ever place I have flown to, and it is one of my favorite trips to this day. There is deep sea fishing, which is amazing. I’m terrified of boats, but it was so beautiful and fun that I got over it quickly and enjoyed fishing for grunts. Someone even caught a huge orange squid! I was nervous to even touch it, so I was pretty proud. We ended up catching a bucket full of grunt fish, and cooked homemade tacos for dinner.

Florida has an air boat ride which takes you down the river into a spring to swim and drink delicious, naturally filtered water. They also have delicious food, everywhere. Even rest-stops are filled with Starbuck’s, Pizza Hut and local fancy Thai, Mexican and sushi.

Oh, and the strip malls! All top brands, like Gucci, Vera Bradley, Versace, Forever 21 and Gap send overstock to malls like these for up to 70 percent off.

Panama City, Florida round-trip flight: $445 However, if you catch tickets at the right time, they go down to $60 round-trip.Georgia

This is a beautiful state. It’s full of history, beauty and awesome attractions. For example, you should check out the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden or Rock City. There are also beautiful national and state parks throughout all of Georgia.