Ryan cuts Tebow, drafts Smith

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Every NFL Draft has its fair share of good picks and bad picks, as well as I have no idea what I’m doing, picks.

That is what I like to imagine Rex Ryan thinking during the New York Jets second round pick of Geno Smith.

“Hey staff, quarterbacks are a lot like quarters, you can’t have too many.”

I can only assume his conversation in the Jets war-room went like this.

It’s not that Geno Smith isn’t a great quarterback, because he is, and it isn’t like burning an early second round pick on a high producing quarterback is a bad idea, because it isn’t. It’s just that the Jets have enough indecision at the quarterback position and an attention-starved coach is looking to make one last hurrah before likely being canned at the conclusion of this forthcoming season. Well, at least he should be.

To be completely fair, he should have been already. Ryan has put an incredible amount of faith in a quarterback, who is average at best, to the same extent that Jerry Jones puts into Tony Romo — and we all know how those jokes end – with Romo on the butt end.

Look, there is a prime difference between college quarterbacks and