BGSU men’s soccer earns a late 1-0 win in double overtime against Wright State University

Tiffany Williams and Tiffany Williams

The Falcons headed to Dayton to take on Wright State Oct. 22 for the I-75 Cup. BG won the game in double overtime against Dayton, making them the winner of the I-75 Cup two years in a row.

BG’s record has advanced to 5-6-4 overall, making it’s road record 3-3-2.

“We played very well it was a great spirited effort and I’m really proud of the guys,” head coach Eric Nichols said.

BG wasted no time attempting to make a goal with only 4:25 minutes passed. Midfielder Ryan James shot the first attempt of the night but shot a little too wide for the goal to go in. At the 6:11 mark BG’s midfielder attempted a corner kick but wasn’t able to get that in the net either. They also remained active on defense. When Wright State attempted to make a goal at the 13:22 mark it was blocked by BG’s defensive line.

BG has shown improvement on both sides of the field and in Tuesday’s game they showed how much they have improved by making many chances for themselves and by being able to keep their opponent from scoring a goal.

“We had a great offensive game and when we are good on the attack we are good on defense,” Nichols said.

The Falcons have won their last three road games, and have only two more road games in the regular season and they are looking to keep their road win streak going.

“It’s been a while since we’ve gotten that a winning streak on the road, we had another shutout game tonight and I’m very proud of that,” Nichols said. “This was an important game like all others but tonight we were playing for the I-75 Cup and we just won our second one in a row.”

BG is winding down their regular season games with only four games left, splitting the four games in half with two at home and two on the road.

BG will host Hartwick on, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. and it hopes to be performing its second-to-last game in front of a big crowd since it will be senior night.

Even though the Falcons are coming off a win, they don’t plan on keeping their same momentum going for the game on Saturday.

“We don’t believe in momentum’s we plan on recreating our excitement and our determination for the game on Saturday,” Nichols said “We went into this game thinking of the win and getting the I-75 Cup and we did that and now we are going to celebrate on the way home and start tomorrow fresh to get ready for Saturdays game.”