Students hookup to follow crowd, avoid hurt

In Focus Editor and In Focus Editor

Picture this: a student in college is out drinking and having fun downtown when someone walks up and asks if they want to go home with them.

Some students may have this happen to them all the time and others not at all. The hookups can take place with the same person or different people. To many, the hookup culture in college is created because people are afraid of commitment, which junior Nick Bucci believes.

“People say college is the years to have fun, or at least in the early years any way,” he said.

Bucci said that he would rather be committed to one person, but he has a friend that acts like he wants to commit, then goes to another.

“He gets what he wants, then he moves on,” he said.

Peer Educator Julia Molnar believes people hook up because they think that’s what everyone else is doing.

“They feel like it’s the more popular thing to do,” she said. “They hear or see other people doing it.”

Charles Coletta, popular culture instructor, thinks he knows the reason why people are constantly hearing about this culture.

“It’s social media,” he said. “People talk about being so connected with their phone, Skype and Instagram . . . people are right in front of you but there is no connection because of social media.”

However, Coletta agrees there can be other reasons why some choose to hook up rather than commit to one person.

“Maybe someone is trying to protect themselves, so if they left me, it’s okay,” he said. “Keeping them at arms’ length.”

Director of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Lesa Lockford said she thinks students hook up because they are away from home for the first time.

“It’s just my guess, but I anticipate when people go to college, they have the ability to make decisions for who [they] are,” she said. “It’s the first time to express sexuality and the time when we are most beautiful. People want to be desired and this gives the opportunity to do that.”

Lockford agrees with Coletta that students might be afraid of committing to another, which can be why they hook up with someone instead.

“Why would you want to commit when everything is so uncertain at this point in your life?” Lockford said. “It’s terrifying to commit to another person so we cut off ourselves.”

Even though Bucci is in a committed relationship now, he did at one point hookup with people.

“There was a point after a hard breakup [when I did],” he said. “I guess it was a way to move on but it’s something that doesn’t work. A way to forget. It’s something I shouldn’t have done.”

Molnar said that if a person hooks up with another, they should know what they want to do and make that clear.

“Hookups are usually quicker and people are not as comfortable to bring up your boundaries as with someone you’re dating,” she said.

Molnar said there are some key points to keep in mind when hooking up.

“Just remember that not everyone is doing it; if you chose to do it then make sure you’re being safe and know what you want,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to talk about your boundaries or say no.”