Diving team to be added to swimming team for upcoming 2014-15 season


Daniela Carrillo competes in a meet this past season held at Cooper Pool on the campus of BG.

Katie Wernke and Katie Wernke

The Bowling Green swimming team‘s season will be underway soon, with practices and meets beginning in late September.

Last year the Falcons repeated their third place Mid-American Conference Championship finish while missing a large aspect to the program. Diving remained absent for years, only to be brought back for this upcoming 2014-2015 season.

Students around campus think the addition to the program will be a sound basis in gaining support and popularity for the program.

Devon White, a senior at the University, says he thinks the team will continue the trend of improvement with the addition of diving.

“It’s a little bit too soon to tell,” White said. “It definitely can’t hurt them. It’s an advantage that will definitely help but it depends on the players and team.”

Despite the missing piece to the puzzle, the team saw strong efforts this past year, giving the Falcons a winning record of 6-3. That followed an improvement from the 2012-2013 season where they finished 4-5.

Last season, four of the nine regular season meets were either won or lost by 20 or less points. With diving being reintroduced, those points will no longer be forfeited by the Falcons, allowing them greater opportunities for success.

Desirae Cox, a senior at the University, looks forward to the opportunity the diving team adds.

“Once they get into the swing of things, I think we’ll be good at it,” Cox said. “It will come back. It will help us.”

The resilience of the team was proven by taking three of those four meets in victory, coming back from deficits due to diving. The addition is expected to bring hope to a team continually improving.

“It’ll be a rough start,” White said. “But once we get accustomed to it, once we stick it in the program, then we’ll definitely improve our game.”

The Falcons also had just one home meet for the entire 2013-2014 season, which is another feature that will change. Cooper Pool will be seeing more of the Falcons this year as the venue will host seven meets in total.

Student support is just another aspect that may bring the team to a winning year and a better overall chance at victory.

Student athlete Roger Lewis sees the importance of home support.

“I think it will affect them,” Lewis said. “People will be able to cheer for them. If they’re doing real good at their events and stuff, more and more people will come.”

Diving and home meets are two large parts to the growing support of the team. In the coming weeks the Falcons will begin practice in hopes of returning and improving the successes of last year.

The first contest for the Falcons will take place at Cooper Pool on Sept. 26 with the Orange and Brown scrimmage.