Freight Street closes out Live & Loud season


Freight Street (1) – Photo by Haven Conn

BG Falcon Media closed out its 2021-22 Live & Loud season showcasing Freight Street Sunday night in the Stanton Audio Recording Studio.

The three-song set, available on the BG Falcon Media YouTube page, featured the band’s latest songs, including “Longshot.” Dropped just last month, Flannery Murnen, one of the lead singers, said she started writing the song in 2019.

“It’s mainly a song about, I think, what we were all going through,” she said. “It’s a song about self-love, it’s about transformation, that things will never be perfect, that you’re going to find ways to carry on.”

The band also displayed what they call their “folkcore” style which includes violin, bass, guitar, drums and mandolin. Bassist Devonte Stovall said the mix plus a diverse set of musical influences shape the band’s sound.

“I wouldn’t necessarily put it on one band per se or one particular artist,” said Stovall, who graduated from BGSU after studying classical cello and jazz bass. “I have a wide range of stuff that influences me.”

The band features two lead vocalists, Murnen and Tom Vasey, who said having two vocalists creates opportunities for him as a songwriter.

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“I kind of have liked falling a bit more into a role of writing a song and knowing that you can sing it,” he said, motioning to Murnen. “It allows me a lot more creative ability to be like, ‘Ah, I can’t sing this, but Flan can.’ It takes a lot of pressure off of me.”

This musical partnership all started on the BGSU campus.

“We all met through the Roots Music Club, actually, on campus,” Murnen said. “It started as this wonderful thing … and I just love the vibe of Bowling Green.”

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