Stone Foltz foundation gives back to community


From left to right: AJ Foltz, Shari Foltz, Jersey Foltz, Cory Foltz smiling at the first annual HOOP 4A CHANGE event.

Megan Finke and Megan Finke

Giving back is something that stood strong in Stone Foltz’s values. The iamstonefoltz FOUNDATION focuses on giving back in his honor.

Shari and Cory Foltz created the 501(c) organization after their son’s passing. The foundation’s logo is a peace sign, as Stone loved the peace sign, and they sell merchandise like shirts, hats, stickers and bracelets. 

According to the foundation’s website, “We never want to forget Stone and our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us create positive change in our community in his honor.”

Stone gave back in every way he could, including becoming an organ donor. After his passing, his parent’s honored his respects and donated his organs.

The foundation focuses on maximizing the effort of giving back through aligning with organizations that do the same.

“The team is focused on helping people that would have touched Stone’s heart,” the website says.

The foundation says Stone would have seen the need to help people and he would have stepped up to do so. Overall, it is committed to keep his kindness alive through donating to charitable organizations and promoting random acts of kindness to those in need.

The 2021 iamstonefoltz FOUNDATION winner of customized shoes by Matthew Keyes was Brendan Miller; he owns one of the two existing pairs. 

On Feb. 15, the Stone Justin Foltz “Peace” Scholarship was announced via the @iamstonefoltz_foundation Instagram page for Buckeye Valley High School seniors. The foundation is offering two scholarships amounting to $2,222.

The foundation is going to be featured in Adrian College’s annual Freligh Community Lecture Series on Feb. 22, where Shari and Cory Foltz will talk about Stone’s experience with fraternity hazing through a series titled, “Never Leave Anyone Behind.”

On Nov. 21, 2021, Stone’s 21st birthday, the foundation held their first annual Stone Foltz HOOPS 4A CHANGE event at his alma mater, Buckeye Valley High School in Delaware, Ohio.

The day was full of basketball fun with shooting contests, raffles, silent auctions and Buckeye Boys BBQ. There were two age groups that played against each other. Adult Hoops were three on three teams with a registration fee of $100.

Youth Hoops was a five-on-five game made up of fifth- to sixth-grade girls and boys. There was a two-game guarantee, elimination bracket and a $200 registration fee. 

The second annual Stone Foltz HOOPS 4A CHANGE is planned to be held on Nov. 19 to 20 at the same location. 

The foundation has a handful of sponsors, all coming in at different amounts. Cooper Elliott Law Firm is a “NEVER LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND” sponsor at $10,000 plus. Stauffer Family Dental and Specialized Speech Technologies are both “PEACE” sponsors at $1,000 through $2,499. P&D Builders is a “HOPE” sponsor at $250 through $999.

There are two other sponsor categories that are not filled, “LOVE” at $5,000 through $9,999 and “KINDNESS” at $2,500 through $4,999. 

Visit for more information about the foundation.