Sharing opinions grows them

Tabitha Holowka and Tabitha Holowka

Honestly, I dislike writing about my opinions.

It’s ironic that I am in charge of this section of this paper, though I by no means intend to discredit my qualifications for my job here.

What I mean, though, is that opinions can be deceptive. Everyone has them, there is no doubt about that. Even people who claim to have no opinion in a certain topic can still be considered to be of the opinion that theirs is not yet fully developed.

So, for me that is what I dislike about writing about my opinions, sticking specifically to the realm of politics, pop culture and the like.

As a philosophy student, I find myself constantly attempting to carefully make myself aware of all the perspectives that would be required for the most well-rounded understanding of a topic.

But this is daunting, if not impossible;

yet it is something we endeavor nonetheless.

So, my call to action in this column is this:

consider that your colleagues endeavor to this end as well. When opinions are being volleyed amongst friends, everyone’s ideas are the result of what they know up until that point, yourself included. Remain open to other’s perspectives. Their conclusions can sometimes be objectively wrong, but the places that they come from are usually founded in their real life experiences and understandings.

I am constantly testing myself.

Do you know how many people are in the world? You probably do. Do you understand how many that is? Actually, you definitely do not. Scientifically, humans are rather incapable of understanding numbers larger than some thousands and tens of thousands, if even that high.

With this in mind, given that we can barely contemplate the sheer volume of humans, it would seem to follow that we are less likely to understand the depth of the individual experiences of each and every one of those people living and thinking today.

In philosophy, a hotly contested topic are various areas of relativism. Moral relativism, basically is that what is right in one culture or setting could be wrong in another, and vice versa. This notion does not bode well for many. While I am not here to give my pitch for or against these ideas absolutely, there is regardless a little truth to be gleamed.

You may very well condemn people for their opinions, and others may agree with you in your vindications, but you may never truly know all you need to know to fall back infallibly on these views.

And ultimately, this is also an opinion.

So here is my real call to action: write for us! Here at the BG news we really love our columnists and the audacity they have to come forth and put their opinions out there. I think that many of us appreciate the karma involved when we are enlightened by contrasting opinions that deal with topics with which we are interested, or in turn become more resolved in our conclusions. Its a beautiful thing, and it’s endless fun.