College Democrats kick off ‘Obama for America’ initiative



Danni McConnell, senior and president of the BGSU College Democrats, converses with fellow member Colleen Ryan, a sophomore, after a group meeting. The group met for the ‘Obama Kickoff’ Tuesday evening in Olscamp to start gaining support for the re-election of President Obama.

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Nine months from Tuesday, voters will decide the next president of the United States of America.

Tuesday night, the University’s College Democrats started campaigning in favor of President Barack Obama.

The organization hosted the “Obama for America” campus kickoff event in 206 Olscamp. More than 20 students attended the event to get information about the initiative.

The goal of the program, as part of the “Greater Together/Young Americans Initiative,” is to make a difference in the swing state of Ohio and to help ensure the president’s re-election this fall, said Coleman Howes, a 2010 University graduate and political organizer who helped coordinate the event.

“Wood County is a swing county in a swing state,” Howes said. “Our county is purple and we can have a large impact on the rest of the state.”

The different activities the organization will take part in for “Obama for America” in the upcoming months include voter registration, outreach, volunteer recruitment and phone banking, according to a press release from the College Democrats.

Another major focus of the program is to encourage students to have more enthusiasm for the democratic process.

“It’s always important for students to get involved,” said senior Danni McConnell, College Democrats president. “Students take for granted the impact they can have on the political process and the impact that it can have on them.”

Students can gain experience with “Obama for America” by completing internship possibilities it offers, Howes said.

“There are a lot of different ways you can help or get involved,” he said. “Keep your eyes to the campus updates and the message boards around campus. We are going to be blowing those up with news soon. We are very good of getting ahold of people.”

This Saturday the College Democrats will travel to Columbus to take part in the “Obama for America Youth Summit” to launch the statewide initiative, according to their press release.

“BG has a reputation down there already with [Obama for America],” Howes said. “We are known for being able to organize some great things and get a lot of people out there.”