Potential dean presents ideas for OU honors college

U-Wire and U-Wire

About 15 people attended the final open forum to select the next Honors Tutorial College dean.

Lauren McMills, director of general chemistry for Ohio University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, spoke about her academic background and took questions for about 45 minutes about how she would lead the school.

In her opening remarks, titled ‘Honors Tutorial College: A Community of Scholars,’ McMills outlined her general goal for the future of HTC.

‘Obviously, we want continued academic excellence,’ she said.

McMills graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in chemistry from Mount Holyoke College in 1983 and received a doctorate in physical chemistry from Michigan State University in 1989.

‘If you looked at my undergraduate transcripts, you’d wonder what I was trying to major in,’ McMills said of her liberal arts education, adding that HTC’s similar composition is important.

She is also the assistant chairwoman of the department.

‘As the assistant chair, I joke that I do everything the chair doesn’t want to do,’ she said.