Falcon Screech: “Man, that really groups my project”

The computers in the Business Building that take 10 minutes or more to log on.

-Ain’t nobody got time for that

I think they should start taking your height down when you buy a concert ticket. Being 4 feet 11 inches and seeing Bob Dylan don’t mix.


Nobody reads for the class discussion.

-#Booking it

Mother Nature and her bipolar attitude.

-Sunny and 25 degrees

Group projects.


The people who already have jobs lined up and are hardcore bragging about it all the time.


I love how the weekend before finals is absolutely gorgeous! Of course the one weekend where I need to be stuck inside studying I am too busy enjoying the once in a lifetime warm weather.


Finals week: most relaxing five days of the year. One day of studying, four days of partying.


Of course I’m working on the warmest days of the semester.