Falcon Screech: Man, that really Yos my Lo

How much time do BG administrators, students and professors waste each day logging into campus computers? The five minutes or so it takes to log on is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know why it takes five minutes to log in and I don’t care for the reason either. It’s unacceptable. Let’s imagine for a second … Steve Jobs types his credentials into a University computer and attempts to log on. How many cuss words would he say and how many people would he fire within those five minutes?

 —iLove Jobs

You guys know that big bronze-colored falcon in front of the Stroh Center? That thing is so awesome. I can’t believe we didn’t even have some giant falcon statue nose diving into East Wooster a few years ago. Honestly, I didn’t even feel comfortable walking around on campus before it was put in. Every student should definitely take the 20-plus minutes it takes to walk all the way across campus to the Stroh Center, just so they can stare in amazement at this large, overrated, expensive statue.

—Nose Dive

Valentine’s Day.

—She’s only going to break, break your heart

So, President Barack Obama is giving his State of the Union address later this week. I swear, if I hear Fox News bring up the word Benghazi again in relation to nothing that is said in Obama’s speech, I’m going to freak out.


The phrase “YOLO.”


People need to lighten up. I get that everyone thinks that they know best, but seriously, I got this project on lock. Grow up and find something better to do than criticizing my every move. It’s really getting old.

—Over it

Why are people so into Pinterest? It’s really not that awesome. I can’t understand how you could be so bored that you spend hours on there. I never understood people who spent hours at a time on Facebook or Twitter, but this site takes the cake. Stop staring at the screen and find something that interests you in the real world.

—Pin it