Student body president: ‘It is an exciting time to be a falcon’

Alex Solis and Alex Solis

Class of 2017 —

On behalf of all the undergraduate students, welcome to the University. This weekend you began your college career. Amidst all the new experiences, I am sure you are finding out it is an exciting time to be a Falcon.

I hope the years you spend here are some of the best of your lives. But as you start your year off, I want to remind you of some great things that you don’t want to miss. Outside of the classroom you will find that the student life community is one to be a part of. Come Aug. 29, head out to the Doyt Perry Stadium to catch your very first football game as a college student. Have a chance to interact with SIC SIC, Freddie and Frieda and showcase your University pride.

Attend Campus Fest. At this event you will learn about the 300 plus student organizations you can be a part of. You will meet people here that will change your life, help you get involved and show you the first steps in making a difference on campus. As the year goes on, enjoy everything this campus has to offer. There are some really unique traditions at the University; I am hopeful you will enjoy them as much as I do.

The Undergraduate Student Government is here to serve you and it will continue to do its best to advocate for all students. As the year progresses we will face challenges, work through them and continue to make the University a great university.

Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. Again, best wishes on your new start at the University.

Roll Along.