Yoga studio serves community with stress relief

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Members of the community have a place to work out not only their bodies, but their mental and spiritual disciplines.

The Movementality Yoga and Wellness Studio offers yoga, tai chi and Zumba classes throughout the week, and has a wide range of customers, from 13 years old to 72 years old, said Suzana Eberly, co-owner of Movementality Yoga and Wellness Studio.

“We offer classes of different levels, but anyone can come to any classes,” Eberly said. “If you are new to yoga, I would recommend Yoga 101 or Wild card Yoga on Saturday.”

Eberly said the studio has done well with community members, but the University’s students rarely attend their classes.

“We have about 500 community members and service faculty from [the] University, but we can’t compete with [the Student Recreation Center],” she said.

University GSW teacher and Movementality instructor Amanda Rzicznek said she has tried to make her classes enjoyable for her and her students at Movementality by creating themed classes.

“I pick music that I feel others like and artists that have songs with integrity, and it’s fun. I let those songs inspire yoga postures,” Rzicznek said. “I like songs with words better than the ambiance of music that yoga is usually paired with.”

Rzicznek said she started yoga when she was young because she wanted to be active.

“In high school, I was not athletic, but wanted to be active,” she said. “I really liked that I could move and not have to be athletic, but still felt like I was toning muscles and stretching muscles.”

Eberly said the first class is $5. The studio allows drop-ins to come and the charge is $15, but Movementality offers packages of five, 10 and 15 classes.

“We have student and military rates to make it reasonable for them to come,” Eberly said. “We are understandable when it comes to our expiration date of six months for each package.”

Five classes for a non-student or military person is $65 and the student or military rate is $45.

“Yoga is not only about building strength, but it also helps to learn how to control mind,” Eberly said.

Rzicznek said that yoga helps calm her down at the end of the day.

“I am a high-energy person. Yoga helps me unwind,” she said.

Sophomore Kelley McDonnell went to Movementality every Friday last semester as a way to start her weekend.

“It was my de-stresser for the week to prepare myself a peaceful weekend. It was my way of beginning the weekend,” McDonnell said.

McDonnell said she had never taken a yoga class prior to starting at Movementality but the classes made it easy for her to learn.

“The classes were really good for beginners and it was easy to catch up [with the advanced classes],” she said.

Yoga was something that McDonnell had always wanted to do but never had the means to do it.

Now that she has tried it she said, “I would recommend it to anyone; Movementality has such a welcoming and inviting space.”