Appreciate free time during the summer

Columnist and Columnist

Summer time for many of us is a time for beaches, vacations and the pursuit of tranquility. Every spring semester I remind myself of the joys of summer, the weekend visits to the quarry followed by the hot, humid 90 degree weather.

And yet the more I look back at my summer vacations I find myself reflecting on what I have done. Often times, it’s less elaborate than I would have thought it was going to be. But even though my perceptions aren’t aligned with my expectations, it still always manages to end great.

Unlike other parts of the year, summer has the potential to stir up emotions. We experience drama, heartbreak, compassion, boredom and stress. It’s the fall and spring sessions all packed and condensed into three months. Most of us travel, go on vacations, meet new people and explore new challenges. It’s in the heart of all this that summer becomes my favorite time of the year.

Unfortunately, not all of my summers have been the perfect experience. Many times I’ve discovered that summer time has the potential to be drawn out and depressing when crowded with a busy summer class schedule. Other times, I’ve found that summer vacation can make you realize your flaws, making you wish for the fall to resume.

With all this in hindsight, I can’t say that my three month break from crowded BG is ever taken for granted. I’ve had the opportunity to build great friendships during my summers at Bowling Green and it’s all become a journey that may not be replicated again. I don’t have much time left on this campus and I’m starting to think that maybe there’s more to life than drowning yourself in college life drama.

Whether you’re upset or happy, take some time to appreciate your time off. Many of us will work 40 hour work weeks with a two week vacation per year. Every time I feel bored I remind myself of this little fact and I get back to doing what I do best in the summer—studying.