Misuse of gender pronouns dangerous for LGBT growth

I am quite bothered by the incredibly disrespectful way the columnist handled the gender identity of Chelsea Manning. The line I am specifically referring to is this, “Since his conviction, Pvt. Manning has now declared that he is Chelsea Manning but that is another column for another time.”

Whether gender identity is something the columnist is well versed in, or something that the columnist has personal beliefs about, there is a way to handle a situation respectfully and disrespectfully, and his comments, as well as incorrect usage of pronouns (using “he” as opposed to “she” throughout the article) is not the way to welcome transgender students to both our campus, our community and our country.

The columnist should really consider taking a Women’s Studies class, checking out one of the many LGBTQ groups on campus, or even checking out FORCE, the feminist organization on campus. Whatever your own beliefs you should not feed into outdated prejudices and wrong ideas towards the trans community and instead be open and welcoming to people of all identities.

Linda Tomajko