BGSU Men’s soccer travel to WVU after loss against Akron

Tiffany Williams and Tiffany Williams

The BG Men’s soccer team hits the road Friday, heading out to face Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

The Falcons will play their third road game in a row.

BG lost their first MAC game of the season to Akron last Saturday 0-1. According to head coach Eric Nichols, they played a great game against Akron, they just couldn’t follow through on the chances they created.

The key to winning against Marshall is “continuing to defend really well and create chances,” said Nichols. BG is looking for its first win to snap its winless streak as BG has lost four games and tied the other two, making the record for this season 1-4-2. “We are just learning from our mistakes and trying to get better,“ said Vlad Lekarev.

The Falcons have improved more on all sides of the field, and the best is yet to come with this team, Nichols said.

“We can always improve I don’t think that settling or being satisfied about where we are at is ever good so I think we are always trying to get better on both sides of the ball,” said senior Brandon Silva. “I think we can improve. We can always be better defensively, we can always do things better offensively and that’s what we are trying to do just get better from game to game”

BG doesn’t plan on changing up much going into this upcoming game, in fact, Nichols said, the team doesn’t think they need to change anything offensively, because they are creating chances. BG just has to follow through on them.

The last few home games have had record-setting crowds, with the last one counting more than 3,000 people in attendance. While being on the road for the next three games, The Falcons are trying to keep that motivation going.

“Our home games recently have been such a boost for us because we have such great crowds we know that’s not going to be the case, I think we make more of a certain effort to get ourselves mentally excited and arose for the road games,” Nichols said.

BG is preparing to face Marshall this Friday. Afterwards they plan to get back on the road to face Northern Kentucky on Sunday at 1 p.m.