BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey answered questions student government members had at monday’s meeting

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The student government questioned University President Mary Ellen Mazey Monday night on topics ranging from retention and non-traditional students to technology.

Mazey comes once every year to the Undergraduate Student Government to answer questions they might have so USG is better informed.

“I only come on invitation but I would love to come back,” Mazey said. “Students need to get continual updates and I get to see their reactions and hear what they have to say.”

One question that was posed to Mazey came from Non-Traditional Senator Amy Puffenberger regarding increasing retention for non-traditional students.

“We are working with community colleges,” Mazey said during the meeting. “BGSU always has a long history of focusing on traditional 18 year old students, but data shows that 30 percent or less are traditional and 70 percent are adults studying part time, so it’s very important for us.”

USG President Alex Solis asked Mazey about retention and she explained how technology now has a lot to do with it.

“We are here to help students have success, and I think technology is the way to go,” Mazey said during the meeting. “Advisors are using successNET … I think we should have a common professor evaluation form so we can look at it across the board.”

Retention was a common question that popped up when she spoke at the USG meeting last year.

“Some things I was asked last year were things about the Union faculty contract and same questions about recruitment and retention,” Mazey said.

Solis was pleased with the questions asked by members and the answers they received from Mazey.

“We asked big, solid questions,” he said. “She did a great job breaking down the answers and being honest. Every time it’s about the students with her.”

Solis wasn’t the only happy one; Mazey was pleased with Solis and Vice President David Neely’s work this year as well.

“I think they are doing a great job so far,” she said. “Being here again for another year has really helped them.”

After Mazey left, Academic Affairs Chair Kasie Durkit announced that two new minors were added to the University.

“I am pleased to announce that students can now minor in coaching,” she said. “Also, you can now minor in management even if you’re not in the business school.”