Parking Services completes updates during summer

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Every year Parking Services does construction and rebuilding of parking lots at the University, here’s some information about what it did this summer.

—Shuttle services added a downtown stop to the North bus route.

—Lots H, C and 16 were rebuilt due to being in poor condition.

—The entrance to Lot H was moved from Merry Avenue to North College Drive due to potential safety issues.

—Lots Q, E, L, 12, 13 and 20 were resealed and striped for preventative maintenance.

—Lot construction takes place on a 30 year maintenance plan.

—This plan sets a schedule for lot maintenance and estimated costs.

—Maintenance is scheduled around the fall and spring semesters, and usually happens every year during the summer.

—No further work will take place during the fall semester.

*Information provided by Manager of Parking and Shuttle Services Aaron Kane, Assistant Manager of Parking Services Chris Powers and Parking Facilities Superintendent Robert Mason.