Students react to coffee shops’ seasonal items

Liz Sparks and Liz Sparks

Some people say they need coffee to function or that coffee gets them through the day.

With two coffee places on campus and the changing of flavors with the seasons, options for students to get their coffee are ever-changing.

Desiree Holton, a film production major, said the changes are good and bad.

“It’s maddening,” Holton said. “You have one flavor that you always go to and then it changes.”

She said it can make people try new things, but she also said sometimes she does not want to.

“Sometimes I just choose not to go if they don’t have my flavor,” Holton said.

Between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, Holton prefers Starbucks.

“I love their pumpkin spice latte,” Holton said.

This latte is one of Starbucks’ fall flavors. Their other winter flavors include: white mocha, peppermint mocha and gingerbread latte.

Karen Plotrowski, a Starbucks manager, said their orders really depend on the weather.

“Both [winter and summer] drinks sell well,” said Plotrowski. “Since it is warmer now we are starting to sell more cold drinks.”

Starbucks has two popular drinks that are coming back for the summer season: mocha cookie crumble and caramel ribbon crunch.

They are also getting new flavors of drizzles and espresso drizzles.

Dunkin Donuts also has returning summer flavors. Their butter pecan, cookie dough and jamocha almond fudge flavored syrups are all returning this summer.

Jonathan Boyd, a Dunkin Donuts manager, also said that drinks sold depend on the weather.

“When it’s warm out, we sell a lot of cold drinks,” Boyd said. “Sometimes we make up to 12 gallons of iced coffee a day.”

Melanie Isenogle, a film major, said she likes both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

“I like hazelnut macchiatos from Starbucks,” Isenogle said. “And iced mocha swirls with cream from Dunkin Donuts.”

She said that it is convenient that both are on campus, however she thinks the Starbucks off campus is cheaper.

Holton also said she thinks that Starbucks’ drinks are more ‘syrupy’ while Dunkin has ‘real coffee’.

Although, Holton likes on-campus coffee but her favorite drink is called a melted snowman and is from Grounds For Thought.

“It has vanilla and coconut, I love it,” Holton said.