Headline disappointing, organization’s goals should not be criticized

Cody Smith and Cody Smith

Dear Editor of The BG News,

On Monday, April 7, you published an article regarding Dance Marathon’s Ziggython event hosted during the weekend.

I would first like to compliment the reporter on a well-written article regarding Ziggython. However, it is disappointing to see such an article tainted by an egregious title of “Short of a miracle.”

Bowling Green’s Dance Marathon is one of the best annual demonstrations of a collaborative effort between the University student body and the northwest Ohio community. This year we had more people involved in our 32-hour event, Ziggython, than ever before. We had increased numbers of dancers, bikers and miracle families.

Yes, we had lofty goals this year. Setting high goals allow us as an organization to continuously push and challenge each other. We may not have made these “goals.” However, our effort was in no way “Short of a miracle.”

We raised more than a quarter of a million dollars to be donated to helping children in need. In reality, the total amount raised is just a number. Ten dollars can buy a child’s favorite movie to help them relax during a cancer treatment. Small actions can have large impacts.

Ziggython is about giving the miracle children the best weekend of their lives, year after year. Interacting with these children touches you in a way that words can’t explain. They inspire you to become better people and display so much love and gratitude for our mission. Every person that interacted with a miracle child, even for just a moment, experienced their own personal miracle.

This interaction is what made me fall in love with the children and this organization, and I am excited and proud to see the incredible amount of these miracles that occurred this year.

—Cody Smith