Call to Action to narrow focus next year

Though the leaders of student movement Call to Action say they have had a successful first year at the University, they are looking forward to continuing their efforts next year.

Call to Action is a collaborative student movement between the Black Student Union, the Latino Student Union, VISION, the World Student Association and the India Student Association.

The purpose of Call to Action is to bring attention to the University’s problems with diversity and cultural inclusion, said junior Juan Pimiento, president of the Latino Student Union.

“It is a student movement representative of different minority groups on campus that feels that the current climate of diversity and cultural competence on campus is insufficient,” Pimiento said.

This year, Call to Action accomplished many of the immediate goals and changes that it set out to complete.

Sophomore Greg Harrison, incoming president of BSU, said one goal Call to Action had this year was to create a more culturally inclusive and accepting campus.

“We were able to create a new diversity training program for Opening Weekend Group Leaders and diversity programs for incoming freshmen to adjust to the new atmosphere,” he said.

The members of Call to Action are happy with the progress they have made during their first year.

“We were able to build the foundation in terms of getting off the ground,” Pimiento said. “The most important thing is getting the attention of the administrators and starting the conversation with them.”

Junior Kevin Lewis, current president of BSU, said the collaboration with the administration is essential.

“We are going to continue working with University officials to make sure [our goals] are realistic,” he said.

Next year Harrison hopes that they can continue to boost the University’s diversity and work on some of the more urgent issues facing the school.

“Next year our goal is to focus on one or two urgent issues instead of trying to solve them all at once,” he said.

This year the group was more focused on getting everything organized and spreading the word about their initiative.

The biggest issue Call to Action will try to conquer next year is the creation of an ethnic student center that will include an ethnic library, an LGBT center and offices for the diversity groups on campus.

Call to Action will also enter phase two of promoting diversity and an inclusive environment at the University.

“It is a long process and changes will not happen overnight,” Lewis said. “We need a lot of support to gain the momentum we need to continue.”