Students to travel to Cleveland Feb. 22

Janel Hlebak and Janel Hlebak

With the way the weather has been lately, some students are beginning to get cabin fever.

In an effort to give students an opportunity to leave their residence hall rooms, the University Activities Organization has put together a one-day bus trip to Cleveland in which students can register to take a bus to explore the city for a day.

The trip will consist of a visit to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as an opportunity to go ice skating if participants wish and the freedom to explore the city for a day.

The trip is part of UAO’s “series” program, directed by Jessica Catellone and Zach Ginther. UAO consists of six different programs, including Fine Arts, Late Night, Series, Social Outreach, Traditions and Special Events. Series hosts about three events a semester, usually including a bus trip of some sort, similar to the Cleveland trip.

“We’re really excited about this trip,” said UAO Adviser Mike Freyaldenhoven. “Students don’t realize what Ohio cities can offer.”

Freyaldenhoven also explained the importance of the trip in regards to awareness of Black History Month.

“We got really lucky with this trip, [The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is] featuring an exhibit that celebrates black musicians,” Freyaldenhoven said. “This is a great way to show students something historical and cultural for Black History Month.”

The advisers aren’t the only ones looking forward to the trip.

University Activities Organization member Kaylyn Messenger is also excited about the event.

“I definitely think it’s a cool idea for students who haven’t had much of a chance to explore Ohio or even more for those who are from out of state,” Messenger said. “It gives them a cool opportunity for them to see something unique to Ohio.”

In addition to bus trips, UAO is also responsible for events like the annual fall concert, the annual comedy show, movie nights and other programming.

“We do most of our events on campus,” Freyaldenhoven said. “But we’re committed to giving students a chance to get off campus.”

The bus trip to Cleveland is coming up Saturday, Feb. 22. The bus will leave at 9 a.m. and will leave Cleveland at about 7 p.m. that evening.

Students can purchase tickets for $5 at the information desk in the Union, and there are 45 spots available. According to an employee at the Union information desk, 11 students are signed up to go on the trip so far.

Contact UAO advisor Mike Freyaldenhoven at [email protected] or visit the Union information desk to sign up for the trip.