Dance Marathon exceeded their goal of $20,000 in their 20k1Day event


Eric Burgasser

Dance Marathon

Meg Kraft and Meg Kraft

Bowling Green Dance Marathon [BGDM] set out to raise $20,000 with a fundraising campaign from 10 p.m. Feb. 11 to 10 p.m. Feb. 12.

“20K1Day” was successful and ultimately surpassed the original goal with a total of $28,270.

The donations were raised through individual fundraising, classroom change challenges and spreading campus-wide awareness.

High schools, parents, friends, family and alumni assisted volunteers with the fundraising.

Senior Alison Doughty, director of BGDM, said the challenge was created in honor of BGDM’s 20th anniversary.

“We decided it would be a great challenge for us,” she said. “We had never done anything like that before and we decided if we’re gonna go for it, we’re gonna go big.”

Doughty said the money raised in 20K1Day will be added to the grand total of BGDM, which is donated to Mercy’s Children Hospital in Toledo.

The donations specifically benefit Miracle Families, a program that provides care for children with medical needs.

“All this money goes directly towards Mercy Hospital and ensures that no family is turned away because of their inability to pay for a treatment,” Doughty said.

The “20K” was raised and surpassed, but why put a deadline on the fundraiser?

“We did it because we love a challenge,” Doughty said. “Sometimes a time limit helps generate donations and we wanted to show the world that we can thrive under the pressure.”

Junior Emily Eskins, green morale captain, raised $1,000 in 24 hours.

“Once I joined Chi Omega, my sorority sisters got me involved. My freshman year, I fell hardcore in love with [BGDM].”

Eskins said 20K1Day has greatly benefitted Dance Marathon by spreading the word.

“BGSU is one of the founding schools for Dance Marathon, so we’re hoping it challenges other schools to raise money,” she said.

Sophomore Caleb Harrah, teal morale captain, said he is very involved with Dance Marathon for the kids.

“Seeing the kids in the hospital having to get treatments and not live a normal childhood, it makes me want to raise money,” Harrah said.

He said 20K1Day has taken BGDM to the next step with prestigious goals, “it challenged us to make miracles happen in one day.”

The 20K1Day Reveal was filled with laughter and tears as the organization unveiled the total amount of money raised.

“I feel amazing. I couldn’t have done it without everyone here in Dance Marathon,” said Fundraiser Chairman Thomas Hamwaysaid. “Everyone says props to me, but I say props to them.”

Hamway said this event will occur annually.

“We’re looking to do this every year. It’s definitely something I’m gonna pass down. From here, we’re going to push dancer week and Ziggython.”

Along with the fundraising, Doughty said 20K1Day has been a great recruitment tool and many students registered to participate in Dance Marathon.

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