Students scare Cedar Point guests for weekend job

Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, the monsters have already begun their reign of terror.

Senior sports management major Amanda Karr and other University students are taking part in the annual HalloWeekends at Cedar Point.

Karr, a screamster who works at the haunted houses, said the application process for HalloWeekends begins in July.

Screamsters are the ghouls and monsters that roam the haunted attractions and the park throughout the evening at Cedar Point.

“When you have about 300 employees that are there for one weekend, it takes a lot for the hiring process,” said Matt Hofmann, a senior Asian studies major. “Even though they have a good amount of applications, they want as many applications as they can (get)…”

Hofmann also said there’s “nothing worse than a haunted house that only has like four or five people in it.”

Students can apply online and enter the “haunt code” and if the application is accepted, students must then go to Cedar Point and fill out paperwork there as well.

“I knew that they were hiring,” said Karr, “cause what they do is they put up posters all over Cedar Point, and I have a season pass up there.”

Students who work at Cedar Point during HalloWeekends have the option of carpooling, driving solo or taking a bus provided by the amusement park.

“(The) bus comes and goes to Offenhauer…then it’ll go to the Harshman shuttle stop,” said Karr. “It’ll bring us back Sunday nights.”

Karr and Hofmann take the bus to work, but drive home separately on Sundays.

“Once you get off of your scare zone on Sunday at 8 o’ clock, the bus from Cedar Point to BG leaves at 9:30… the way that they run (the buses) there’s no way you’re going to get back to make that bus,” said Hofmann.

According to Cedar Point’s website, there are busing options to both the University and Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

The website also offers applications for summer workers, international employees and entertainers.

With employees from around the world, Cedar Point is home to a diverse group of people.

“I can guarantee you there is at least one person from every country…working at Cedar Point,” said Hofmann.

Karr and Hofmann said because they’re screamsters, they have the freedom to create their characters and make them as scary as the want.

“We still get to have fun while we’re working and at the same time, watching everybody’s reactions and kind of involving the guests with us is, I think, one of the coolest things,” said Karr.

Screamsters are not supposed to be touched by the guests nor are they supposed to touch the guests; this doesn’t stop them from thoroughly scaring their guests.

“It fills me with pride knowing…I scared (guests) so bad they ran out of the entrance and never came back,” said Hofmann.

On Friday, the haunted houses are open from 8 p.m. until midnight, Saturday from 6 p.m. until midnight and Sunday from 3 p.m. until 8p.m.

If students want to work at Cedar Point they can apply at