Letter To The Editor: University plans for clean energy future

Stephanie Noftz and Stephanie Noftz

Did you know that there is a natural gas plant on campus?

Natural gas, portrayed as being the cleanest of fossil fuels, is still a dirty, non-renewable energy source. That’s why, as an Environmental Science major and a member of the Environmental Service Club, Environmental Action Group and Net Impact, I support the 100 percent Clean Bowling Green campaign, which supports implementing clean energy such as wind, solar and geothermal sources to power our campus.

Oct. 24, President Mazey signed the Presidents’ Climate Commitment (PCC), a document that commits our University to taking actions to reach climate neutrality, reduce our waste and incorporate sustainability into our curriculum.

This all started with the passion of those in Net Impact, who led the way by gathering 1300 student signatures, showing the students’ support for President Mazey to sign the PCC to commit the University to this goal.

It’s up to us students to show our support for clean energy. If enough of us want our campus to switch from natural gas to renewable energy, we can ask President Mazey to start the movement.

Net Impact accomplished this with the PCC and it is now the turn of Environmental Action Groups to do so with clean energy.

— Stephanie Noftz

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