Late Night delivery system proves to be interesting work

Some delivery drivers in Bowling Green clock out each night with interesting stories to tell.

Nighttime is usually the best time for an entertaining drive.

Junior Tony Perfetto, a Cookie Jar employee, said he once delivered to a group of girls in Centennial Hall who were so happy with the cookies, they came to a party Perfetto hosted.

Each driver said they have had a couple of deliveries that made their night on the job more entertaining.

Luke Warner, a Campus Pollyeye’s employee, said he’s had numerous deliveries to parties where the customers would try to invite him in to drink with them even though he’s driving.

“Some old cougar asked me for my number once,” Warner said. “I’ve had people tell me to come inside and offer me beers and shots.”

Dustin Schroeder, a Jimmy John’s employee, said this past week someone ran out of Nate and Wally’s downtown right in front of his Jimmy John’s delivery car.

Edward Wonder, an Oasis employee, said he’s had a couple of interesting nights after the bars close around 2 a.m.

“One time I was turning on Clough Street and these girls asked for a ride,” Wonder said. “They said they would flash me and when they did, I just drove away.”

While the drivers have had interesting stories to tell, the delivery process isn’t always positive. Perfetto said the most hectic time to deliver cookies is during late night pickups and campus deliveries.

“You have to call them to come down and wait,” Perfetto said. “Dorms are the worst to go to.”

Warner said the weekends, especially homecoming weekend, is when the roads are the busiest and delivering can become a problem for the restaurant’s three drivers.

“There are some rare exceptions where the delivery is extra long,” Warner said. “During the weekend it can be busy.”

Perfetto said he hasn’t received any complaints on delivery time but it is difficult to deliver at night when the addresses are hard to read.

“I haven’t gotten a complaint yet but who complains when you’re delivering cookies,” Perfetto said.

Wonder said he likes to take the back streets of Bowling Green so the delivery is quicker. He agrees some days like homecoming weekend and St. Patrick’s Day are the busiest.

“I just turn my music on pretty loud so I can’t hear the drunk people,” Wonder said.

As for the money, some drivers said the tips vary among off campus customers and students who live in the dorms.

“Most people at the dorms don’t tip,” Perfetto said.

Josh Garcia, a Jimmy John’s employee, agreed and said the tips off campus are better. He doesn’t enjoy waiting for people to come down from upstairs on campus. He said it’s only hard to deliver when the roads are shut off and when the order is to the wrong dorm or address.

“Campus doesn’t tip,” Warner said. “Especially freshman: they don’t tip well at all.”

While the drivers enjoy the unpredictably of their jobs, being able to please the customers is the best part for some.

“To get from point A to point B is my goal,” Perfetto said. “If the customers are happy, it makes us happy.”